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Plexmar Resources Inc.: High Grade Trenches Results on Bolsa Del Diablo

SAINTE-FOY, QUEBEC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04/27/2006 -- Plexmar Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:PLE), is pleased to announce results from its Bolsa del Diablo property. Results from 60 samples were received from the ALS Chemex lab located in Lima.

A total of 4 trenches, all located on the Angolos concession, were dug down to an average depth of 1 meter and samples were systematically taken every 2 meters over their lengths.

- Trench ALSM, 10 meters long, returned an average of 43.46 g/t Au

- Trench SAJ, 16 meters long, returned an average of 38.48 g/t Au.

- Trench SA1J , 24 meters long, returned an average of 16.02 g/t Au.

- Trench ALDM, 24 meters long, returned an average of 3.26 g/t Au.

The first three trenches (ALSM, SAJ and SA1J) all followed newly uncovered vein structures with vein widths varying from 0.15m to 0.5m. The new veins are located in altered volcanic rocks 1,000 meters northeast of the principal vein in the northeast corner of the Angolos concession. The fourth trench was dug on a silica cap, in altered volcanic rocks near the principal vein.

Also, Pit No.10 located in the altered volcanics near the principal vein, some 20 meters southeast of previously reported Pit no.4, was sampled over its full depth of 40 meters

- Twenty samples each representing a 2 meter vertical interval of the pit were taken and returned an average grade of 3.96 g/t Au over a depth of 40 meters.

There are over 100 pits located in an area covering an area of 116,000 m2 on the Angolos and Molinetes concessions. So far, only 10 pits have been sampled.

Plexmar's management and technical team is very pleased with these results. Guy Bedard, president says: "The presence of gold in the volcanic and intrusive rocks seem to indicate that we are getting closer to the center of this large mineralizing system. High grade gold near the surface is very unusual and very exciting and is promising for might lie below."

Field crews will continue mapping and sampling for the next month and a half. Trenches will be dug in the areas below the silica caps, in topographic lows, where geologists believe that the potential for a large tonnage deposit exists. Competitive bids have been asked from geophysical contractors to carry out a full airborne magnetic survey over the whole project and also for ground induced polarization to help define drill targets.

The recent results from Bolsa del Diablo show that gold occurs in three types of emplacement mechanism within the inferred structural corridor. The relationship between these types of mineralization and spatial occurrences has yet to be defined and will require more work.

However, they indicate the potential for a large mineralizing event that could lead to the discovery of a large tonnage low grade deposit.

Results from the other 60 samples still being assayed will be released as soon as possible along with other samples being presently shipped to ALS Chemex.

All samples are analyzed by ALS Chemex in Lima. Guy Bedard, president, acted as the QP for the preparation of this news release.

On Bolsa del Diablo

Plexmar controls over 220 km2 of land in Northern Peru near the border with Ecuador. Over 400 artisan miners are pulling gold on a daily basis from trenches or pits located in an area measuring approximately 6km2 roughly centered within Plexmar's main claim block. The zone is characterized by low to intense silica and clay hydrothermal alteration. All the volcanic rocks in the area of interest show pervasive argillic alteration and have developed very intense stockwork structures. Gold mineralization occurs partly as fracture fillings in the stockwork and also as dissemination throughout the rock. Limonitization is pervasive throughout the rock. This intense stockwork was observed in numerous places on the property.


The following three trenches we dug following three new vein structures recently uncovered:

Trench ALSM, 10 meters long, dug down to 1 meter in depth in the volcanic rocks returned the following results with the average being 43.46 g/t Au

Sample No. length Grade g/t Au --------------------------------------------------------------------- ALSM-002 CH 0-2 46.2 ALSM-004 CH 2-4 55.9 ALSM-006 CH 4-6 44.7 ALSM-008 CH 6-8 40.8 ALSM-010 CH 8-10 64.1

Trench SAJ, 16 meters long with an average depth of 1 meter returned an average of 38.47 g/t Au.

Sample No. Length Grade g/t Au --------------------------------------------------------------------- SAJ-002 CH 0-2 32.4 SAJ-004 CH 2-4 39.4 SAJ-006 CH 4-6 30.3 SAJ-008 CH 6-8 39.5 SAJ-010 CH 8-10 48.3 SAJ-012 CH 10-12 40.0 SAJ-014 CH 12-14 49.2 SAJ-016 CH 14-16 28.7

Trench SA1J, 24 meters long with an average depth of 1 meter returned an average of 16.02 g/t Au.

Sample No. Length Grade g/t Au --------------------------------------------------------------------- SA1J-002 CH 0-2 16.55 SA1J-004 CH 2-4 12.60 SA1J-006 CH 4-6 20.80 SA1J-008 CH 6-8 11.95 SA1J-010 CH 8-10 14.65 SA1J-012 CH 10-12 9.31 SA1J-014 CH 12-14 17.15 SA1J-016 CH 14-16 19.60 SA1J-018 CH 16-18 16.05 SA1J-020 CH 18-20 18.10 SA1J-022 CH 20-22 17.25 SA1J-024 CH 22-24 18.2

The following 20 samples were taken from Pit no.10 which has a depth of 40 metres. Each sample represent a 2m vertical section. This pit is located in the northwest corner of the Angolos concession, some 150 meters from the principal vein structure in an area where few samples were taken before. The host rock is interpreted as being volcanic. The average grade from the pit is 3.96 g/t Au.


Sample No. Depth Grade g/t Au --------------------------------------------------------------------- P10AL-002 RX 0-2 3.33 P10AL-004 RX 2-4 3.27 P10AL-006 RX 4-6 6.64 P10AL-008 RX 6-8 5.12 P10AL-010 RX 8-10 3.66 P10AL-012 RX 10-12 2.20 P10AL-014 RX 12-14 4.14 P10AL-016 RX 14-16 3.992 P10AL-018 RX 16-18 2.37 P10AL-020 RX 18-20 2.19 P10AL-022 RX 20-22 7.19 P10AL-024 RX 22-24 3.12 P10AL-026 RX 24-26 4.25 P10AL-028 RX 26-28 5.07 P10AL-030 RX 28-30 3.47 P10AL-032 RX 30-32 2.00 P10AL-034 RX 32-34 3.93 P10AL-036 RX 34-36 2.88 P10AL-038 RX 36-38 6.36 P10AL-040 RX 38-40 3.99


Trench ALDM, 24 meters long, up to 1 meter in depth dug on a silica cap area, in the volcanic rocks, returned the following results:

Sample No. length Grade g/t Au --------------------------------------------------------------------- ALDM-002 RX 0-2 4.02 ALDM-004 RX 2-4 0.878 ALDM-006 RX 4-6 2.54 ALDM-008 RX 6-8 2.00 ALDM-010 RX 8-10 0.99 ALDM-012 RX 10-12 3.38 ALDM-014 RX 12-14 6.90 ALDM-016 RX 14-16 3.77 ALDM-018 RX 16-18 5.76 ALDM-020 RX 18-20 1.15 ALDM-022 RX 20-22 6.12 ALDM-024 RX 22-24 1.65

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