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Power of the Dream Ventures Is Proud to Announce the Worldwide Launch of TothTelescope, A

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 01, 2006 -- Power of the Dream Ventures (PDV), Hungary's premiere venture capital firm, is proud to announce the official launch of the world's smallest, lightest, highest powered portable monocular telescope-systems called the TothTelescope after its inventor Attila Toth.

"For the last eight years, Attila has been unable to commercialize his highly innovative, small, light weight yet extremely powerful telescope -- a telescope that is capable of microscopy work, as a terrestrial imager, and is also suitable for basic stargazing. When Attila first showed us his prototype four months ago, we knew we had to invest and help him get the project off the ground. We have been fortunate to have achieved this goal within three short months following our investment commitment and today his dream of building the world's best small telescope launches worldwide through a dedicated e-commerce portal. If the telescope sells a thousand pieces, Attila will be delighted. At ten thousand units he and his family will be financially rewarded. Our belief is there is a worldwide market of somewhat over one hundred thousand units. If we can help Attila achieve this, I will be very happy. He deserves it," commented Viktor Rozsnyay, Managing Partner of PDV.

The TothTelescope is a high-powered, specially designed, parabolic mirror monocular system that employs a unique twist out architecture that resembles a Cassegrain telescope when in operation. Weighing only 480 grams (without an eyepiece), measuring a mere fourteen centimeters in length by eight centimeters in diameter, a TothTelescope is capable of producing 250x magnification. Because of its unique architecture, it can focus from 1.2 meters to infinity and up to a maximum tested magnification of 500x -- a feat that makes it usable as a microscope. In terrestrial imaging, people's face can be clearly seen from a distance of about three kilometers. At full magnification, the moon passes through the telescope's field of view in approximately four minutes. The TothTelescope can also be used with SLR digital cameras and astronomical CCD imagers that connect to a computer.

For more information please visit the official TothTelescope website at http://www.tothtelescope.com

About PDV. Power of the Dream ventures is Hungary's premiere venture capital firm. Founded in 2006, the firm has already made two investments and is in the process of reviewing close to a hundred others.

Contact: Viktor Rozsnyay 36-1-456-6061 info@pdv.hu

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