Hitt og þetta 8. nóvember 2005

Qualcomm files complaint against Nokia

Nordic Business Report-November 8, 2005-Qualcomm files complaint against Nokia
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Finnish telecomms solutions provider Nokia said on Monday (7 November) that it had learned that the US software company Qualcomm has filed a complaint for alleged patent infringement against Nokia Corporation and Nokia Inc in San Diego. The complaint apparently involves some 12 alleged essential patents. Nokia said that it had not yet received a copy of the complaint and analysed the details, and therefore cannot comment on the substantive aspects of the claims. Nokia added that it was disappointed that Qualcomm had taken this step given they have yet to engage in any licensing negotiations concerning these matters. Qualcomm has not provided Nokia with any proposed terms for a licence in compliance with its obligations, Nokia said. Nokia also said that it was concerned that Qualcomm continues to disregard its obligations to offer to licence its alleged essential patents on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. Nokia would analyse Qualcomm's claims when it obtains the complaint and would defend itself in this action to ensure that its rights are fully protected, according to the company.

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