Hitt og þetta 7. september 2006

Radio Handi Launches Stream Codes Directory Service

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 07, 2006 -- Radio Handi has launched Stream Codes, an innovative new service that will make viewing live or time shifted Internet audio/video content on consumer devices as easy as tuning a TV channel.

Stream Codes (www.guide.radiohandi.com) is an open directory service that enables content providers (TV/radio stations, Internet stations, podcasters and vlogs) to register to receive a stream code, a short numeric code that can be entered on a telephone style keypad. Registrants can request easy to remember mnemonic codes (for example, KQED is listed as 5733 or KQED on a phone dialpad). Content providers then provide current addresses for their live streams, podcasts and RSS feeds.

Radio Handi shares this directory with consumer electronics manufacturers and software developers under a dual open source/commercial license, enabling them to make streaming and time shifted media as easy to use as AM/FM radio. The directory enables manufacturers to embed Internet media in virtually any form factor, from a wi-fi table top radio or boombox to high-end audio/video or gaming consoles.

The directory is very easy to integrate into consumer devices including mobile phones, table top radios/boomboxes, portable media players and home A/V or gaming equipment. In a typical scenario, a table top wi-fi radio for example, the user keys in a station's stream code (KQED public TV/radio is registered as 5733, or KQED on a telephone style keypad). The device loads an RSS file from Radio Handi web service, and then attempts to download or play the items listed in the RSS feed. From the user's perspective s/he simply tuned a station.

Radio Handi will also enable users to listen to live and archived MP3 programming via any telephone. This service, due for launch in September, enables users to call any Radio Handi local access number, a local call in over 30 countries, and listen to the live or archived program on any fixed, mobile or VoIP telephone.

The Stream Codes directory is open for public registration now. Amateur and professional content providers can register free of charge to obtain their stream codes at www.guide.radiohandi.com. Consumer electronic manufacturers and software developers interested in using this directory can contact us for more information about engineering details and licensing programs.

About Open Communication Systems

Founded in 2003, Radio Handi's parent company develops global communication and broadcasting technologies based upon open source and standards-based technologies.

For more information, contact:

Brian McConnell Open Communication Systems Inc. 35 Keyes Ave The Presidio of San Francisco San Francisco, CA brian@radiohandi.com tel: 415-738-0964

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