Hitt og þetta 30. júní 2006

SAS Cargo Group A/S establishes air cargo handling company

Nordic Business Report-June 30, 2006-SAS Cargo Group A/S establishes air cargo handling company
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The Scandinavian airline operator SAS Group's cargo arm SAS Cargo Group A/S announced on Friday (30 June) that it has established a separate air cargo handling company, Spirit Air Cargo Handling Group AB.

The new company will handle air cargo at 12 airport terminals throughout Scandinavia.

"We 'corporatise' our air cargo handling activities in order to make it possible to create an increased focus on the business area, which experiences increasing competition these years," said Kenneth Marx, president and CEO of SAS Cargo Group.

"The independence will make it easier for the terminals to create their own profile in the Scandinavian market for air cargo handling. This will improve the terminals' opportunities to maintain and increase the amount of customers," Marx added.

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