Hitt og þetta 23. mars 2007

Satama Celebrates at Grand One: Winner of the Grand Prix Main Award, Best in the Design Ca

Grand One is the largest and most important competition in the digital media industry in Finland. This year's award ceremony took place last evening at the Kaivohuone Restaurant in Helsinki. Color the World, a campaign site designed for Nokia by Satama, won first prize at the Grand One award ceremony. The website also came first in the Design category and was given a special mention in the Best B2C Campaign category. The Trainers' House website, designed jointly by Tequila and Satama, received a special mention in the Best B2B Service category and Husky Rescue's website bagged a special mention in the Best Design category. Favorite Website Awards (FWA), one of the most esteemed international awards in the world of digital design, chose the Grand One winner, Nokia's Color the World online campaign, as its Site Of The Day on 19 September 2006. The campaign site was designed to support the marketing of the Nokia 6131 mobile telephone and - true to its name - it gives every visitor the change to add more colour to the world. Visitors can paint and draw their own creations onto the never-ending canvas. The site is finished to a high degree and it is heavily influenced by international trends, resulting in a simple and fresh package. The site offers a unique user experience and gets visitors to spend time with the brand. Niina Simonen, Client Director at Satama, is pleased with the site's success at Grand One. "This was a perfect example of a case where all the pieces just fall neatly into place. We had an enthusiastic, bold client who believed in our idea just as strongly as we did. When good ideas are brought to life with care and due attention is given to even the smallest detail, the end results can be something truly magnificent, and Color the World is a great example of this. The finished product is addictive and extremely good, just like the team behind the creation." The Trainers' House website, which received a special mention in the Best B2B Service category, has been praised not just for its stunning visual design, but also for its first-rate usability. The aim of the website is to communicate the spirit of the organisation and to help business executives to understand how Trainers' House can help them. "The project was extremely exciting and successful. The end result is a dynamic package that emphasises story-telling, creativity and usability," says Marko Edfelt, Business Unit Director of Satama Flash Fabriek. The website of the Finnish group Husky Rescue bagged a special mention in the Best Design category in last night's award ceremony. The website was also nominated for the Silver Award in the digital media series of the Highlights of the Year (Vuoden Huiput) design competition in 2005. The website, which was designed and produced by Satama, transforms the group's music and unique spirit into a limpid rich media format, true to the group's arctic roots. For more information on the winners and the Grand One competition, please visit: Color The World campaign site: http://www.nokia.com/fitsyou Trainers' House: http://www.trainershouse.fi/ Husky Rescue: http://www.husky-rescue.com/ Grand One: http://www.rekaksois.com/grandone/ For more information, please contact: Niina Simonen Client Director Satama Marketing tel. +358 (0)40 772 3449 e-mail: niina.simonen@satama.com Marko Edfelt Business Unit Director Satama Flash Fabriek tel. +358 (0)40 861 9317 e-mail: marko.edfelt@satama.com