Hitt og þetta 18. janúar 2007

Saxo Bank kicks off global investment challenge

Online investment bank unveils its first-ever multi-product, live money, global trading competition. Year-long World TopInvestor competition will launch on 19 February. Top traders from all over the world will vie to become the world champion in trading foreign exchange, stocks, futures, and derivatives. Traders from more than 120 countries will trade for the next twelve months in the inaugural World TopInvestor competition, sponsored by Danish-based online investment bank, Saxo Bank, in collaboration with its Portuguese white label partner, DIF Broker. Much of the competitor traffic for World TopInvestor will be driven by Saxo Bank's global roster of white label partners, who market the bank's online multi-product trading platform under their own identity. In addition to Portugal's DIF Broker, partners from the US, UK, Australia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Hungary are confirmed to participate. Daniel Darst, Global Head of Partner Business at Saxo Bank, says the decision to sponsor a live, global trading competition with real money was driven by increasing consumer interest in trading capital markets products such as currencies and derivatives. "We are convinced - and enthusiastic - that the trading community will respond to a challenge and a chance to be recognized," says Darst. "Moreover, our partners are using the competition as a means to identify top talent and, naturally, to broaden awareness of their services and the multi-product capabilities of the trading platform." The duration of the competition has been set at 12 months, explains concept originator Paulo Pinto, CEO of DIF Broker, which launched a similar competition in 2005-2006 in Portugal. The success of that initiative led directly to the decision to take the contest global, in collaboration with Saxo Bank. "We wanted to attract serious traders and identify those who were truly able to manage safely and profitably in a long-term market situation," says Pinto. The World TopInvestor competition is open to qualified, experienced investors familiar with the risk involved in trading in these markets. Competition rankings will be posted online daily by Saxo Bank partner banks and brokerage firms, as well as on the competition website, www.worldtopinvestor.com. The grand prize, offered by Saxo Bank, is a mandate to manage a significant portfolio on its signature SaxoTrader. -- About Saxo Bank A/S Saxo Bank A/S is a modern investment bank specializing in online investments in the international Capital Markets. Saxo Bank enables clients to trade currencies, shares, CFD contracts, futures, options and other derivatives as well as portfolio management via our online trading platform - SaxoTrader. SaxoTrader has been internally developed by Saxo Bank and is available to today's investor directly through Saxo Bank or through one of our global partnerships as an integral part of their own infrastructure. One of Saxo Bank's significant areas of business is White Labelling, which is the development of tailored versions of the online trading platform to other banks and brokerage houses. Saxo Bank has more than 70 White Label Partners and thousands of clients in more than 175 countries. The bank's website, www.saxobank.dk has approx. 65,000 visitors every day. Saxo Bank currently employs more than 800 employees from 45 different countries.The bank is headquartered in Denmark, with operating offices in London and Singapore, and an IT development center in St. Petersburg, Russia. Further information please contact: Saxo Bank - Rebecca Engmann - Financial Writer; rke@saxobank.com - Tlf. +45 3977 4744