Hitt og þetta 28. apríl 2006

Schibsted ASA (SCH) - New financial reporting structure

Today Schibsted will present its new structure for financial reporting to the analysts following the company. Comparable figures for 2005 will be given for parts of the new structure. The main issues to be presented are:

* New geographical structure for reporting - financial results are grouped within the divisions Norway, Sweden and International * Separate reporting for each company to be maintained * New initiatives will be reported partly within existing business, partly within own reporting units - an overview of the reporting for some new initiatives will be presented * Better visibility of contribution from internet activities - revenues and operating profit (EBITA) to be disclosed for certain companies * Disclosure of financial results for the paper edition of Aftonbladet and VG in addition to for Aftenposten (as previously disclosed)

The material that will be presented is enclosed.

Oslo, 28 April 2006 Schibsted ASA

Astrid Thommesen Sæbø Investor Relations