Hitt og þetta 31. júlí 2007

SMS Forum Discontinues Operation

DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwire - July 31, 2007) - The SMS Forum, a non-profit organization with a mission to develop, foster and promote SMS (short message service) to the benefit of the global wireless industry will disband by July 27, 2007, and take down its web site by the end of 2007. Originally founded as the "Short Message Peer to Peer FORUM," the organization changed its name to the "SMS FORUM" to involve all sides of the mobile telecommunications industry in 2001. The SMS Forum fostered and promoted SMS for the benefit of the global wireless industry, facilitated easy development of SMS applications and services and provided access to the SMPP protocol specifications. The SMS Forum served as a useful tool for the industry through its workshops and its liaise with other industry and standards organizations. Since its inception, the SMS Forum provided operators, solutions providers and developers with an important platform to exchange ideas and present solutions to the challenges that the industry faced. This process has been very effective, and the maturity of SMS means that the need for further promotion of the standards is now no longer necessary. Members in good standing are encouraged to login to the web site (http://www.smsforum.net), and download valuable tools such as the SMPP v5 protocol specification, the Mobile Message Application (MMAP) protocol specification and the SMPP client test tool, prior to the removal of the web address. NOTES TO EDITORS The SMS Forum was established to foster and promote SMS to the benefit of the Wireless Industry, and to manage/enhance SMPP with the intent of providing a robust worldwide standard. The Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) protocol is an open, industry standard messaging protocol designed to simplify integration of data applications with wireless mobile networks such as GSM, TDMA, CDMA and PDC. The protocol is widely deployed in the mobile telecommunications industry. Contact press@smsforum.net for additional information. Contact: SMS Forum press@smsforum.net