Hitt og þetta 13. september 2006

Stork Food Systems intends to acquire Nijal

Stork Food Systems and Nijal have today signed a letter of intent for the acquisition of Nijal Technologie Alimentaire by Stork. Based in France, Nijal manufactures machines for processing of meat that are complementary to those of Stork Food Systems. The company achieved a turnover of ¤ 6 million in 2005 with 30 employees. It has offices in France, Italy, Spain and the USA. Stork's worldwide sales and marketing organisation will open new markets and create new opportunities for Nijals innovative machines. The acquisition price will not be disclosed until final agreement has been reached, which is expected to take place before the end of 2006.

After the Townsend acquisition earlier this year, the planned acquisition of Nijal represents an further step in the implementation of Stork Food Systems' strategy of strengthening its position as a system supplier in the field of further processing of meat. The planned acquisition will also offer good opportunities for further growth of Nijal. The portfolio of Nijal consists of innovative equipment for further processing of meat; 65% of sales comes from machines developed in the past 3 years.

About Nijal Nijal has been developing innovative meatprocessing equipment since 1982. It has always focused on increasing productivity through automatization, without sacrificing home-made quality. Nijal produces a full spectrum of equipment for high-speed production of shish kebabs, sandwiches, meatballs, formed value-added ground meat products and fresh sausages, as well as equipment for denesting trays and automatic tray loading. Nijal has been producing and selling in Europe for many years, and recently opened an American subsidiary to provide North American clients with the highest level of technical support.

About Stork Food Systems Stork Food Systems designs, develops, produces and maintains for poultry processing and the production of convenience food, as well as industrial systems and installations for dairy, fruit juices and other beverages. With 1240 employees, the group achieved a turnover of around ¤ 240 million in 2005 out of the total Stork turnover of ¤ 1.82 billion. The group focuses on the introduction of innovative systems for the processing of poultry and the production of ready-to-heat meal components. The aim of these systems is to create significant market advantages for their users. The key aspects are improved efficiency, optimised product presentation and short payback times for the systems. Other important focal areas are hygiene, (food) safety, maximising the use of by-products arising during processing and minimising waste streams.

Press information: Stork N.V. Dick Kors, tel.: +31 (0)35 - 695 75 75 - +31 (0)6 - 5198 4054

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