Hitt og þetta 24. ágúst 2006

Studsvik receives strategic order for treatment and recycling of steam generators

Studsvik has together with its German partner GNS received a strategic order from E.ON in Germany. The order is for waste treatment and metal recycling of four steam generators from the Stade Nuclear Power Plant which is under decommissioning.

The order is the first commercial order applying the Studsvik method for treatment of large components. Treatment of the generators, each weighing 160 tonnes, will be performed in Studsvik's Swedish facilities during 2008.

"This is an excellent acknowledgment of Studsvik's level of innovation, cost efficiency and safety and confirms our front position whithin waste treatment and metal recycling of large components", says Magnus Groth, CEO of Studsvik.

The technical concept of Studsviks' unique method for treating large components has been developed in a joint project between Studsvik and the Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant in Sweden during 2004-2006.

There are currently several hundred disused steam generators and similar components temporarily stored at nuclear power plants around the world awaiting suitable treatment. The Studsvik concept is developed to meet this need.

For further information please contact: Magnus Groth, President and CEO Studsvik Group, tel +46 (0)155 22 10 86 or Eva Halldén, President Studvik Nuclear AB, tel +46 (0)155 22 10 38

Facts about Studsvik Studsvik is a leading service supplier to the international nuclear industry. The company has almost a half century's experience of nuclear technology and radiological services. Studsvik addresses a market in strong growth with specialized services in four Strategic Business Areaas: Operating Efficiency and Safety, Service and Maintenance, Waste Treatment and Decommissioning. Studsvik has 1,400 employees in 7 countries and the company's share is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.