Hitt og þetta 14. ágúst 2006

Studsvik Revises Its Outlook for 2006

Studsvik hereby announces that it is lowering its forecast for profit in 2006.

The overall assessment is that operating profit for the Group for 2006 will be somewhat lower than for 2005. Financial expenses are expected to increase due to foreign exchange effects and, consequently, profit before tax is expected to be lower than the previous year. This assessment deviates from the statement made in the interim report for the first quarter of 2006, when profit for the Group before tax for 2006 was expected to be on a par with that for 2005.

Due to the adjusted outlook for 2006, the company's interim report for the second quarter is being published today, earlier than scheduled.

The report will be presented at two telephone conferences on Monday, August 14, at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

To participate in the conferences, call +46 (0)8 598 06 044.

For further information, contact Magnus Groth, President and CEO. Tel: +46 155 22 10 86.

Facts about Studsvik Studsvik is a leading service supplier to the international nuclear industry. The company has almost a half century's experience of nuclear technology and radiological services. Studsvik addresses a market in strong growth with specialized services in four Strategic Business Areaas: Operating Efficiency and Safety, Service and Maintenance, Waste Treatment and Decommissioning. Studsvik has 1,400 employees in 7 countries and the company's shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange's O list.