Hitt og þetta 18. júlí 2006

Tele2 AB acquires four Russian mobile operators

Nordic Business Report-July 18, 2006-Tele2 AB acquires four Russian mobile operators
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Sweden-based pan-European telecomms company Tele2 AB said on Tuesday (18 July) that it had acquired four Russian GSM operators for USD35m.

Tele2 had acquired 100% holding of Vostok Mobile Northwest B.V. from MCT Corporation, encompassing four mobile operators in North-West Russia.

The acquisitions include a 100% shareholding in ZAO Arkhangelsk Mobile Networks, a 100% holding in ZAO Novgorod Telecommunications, a 75% holding in ZAO Murmansk Mobile Network and a 75% holding in Parma Mobile (Komi Republic).

Tele2 has also acquired the remaining minorities of ZAO Murmansk Mobile Network as well as Parma Mobile and consequently holds 100% in all four of the above-mentioned companies.

With this acquisition, Tele2's Russian GSM license footprint increases by 3.8 million people to cover over 38 million people.

One US dollar (USD) is worth approximately 0.56 British pounds (GBP).

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