Hitt og þetta 20. september 2006

The Hugin Group enters the Polish market

Oslo, September, 20th 2006:

The Hugin Group is entering the Polish market as part of their expansion plan into Eastern Europe. The decision comes after a year of assessment and strategy discussions. The plan is to offer both listed and non-listed Polish companies the ability to communicate with their international target audiences in a cost efficient way. Polish companies will have access to Hugin's broad IR and PR-distribution network of journalists, analysts, institutional and retail investors.

Hugin has been a specialist in emerging European markets since 1995. "We will give corporate communication professionals access to our extensive Media Database and Distribution Network so that they can spread their news to the global investor and media community. Poland is our first step in our plan to move further east, offering both listed and non-listed companies an cost effective communiction solution service. I know we have a strong and attractive portfolio that has been proven to meet the demands of listed and non-listed companies both in the short and long term." says Tor Baekkelund, CEO of Hugin Group.

Hugin has assigned Bo Dungal, Business Manager Denmark and Iceland, to manage the implementation and build-up of the Polish market. Dungal has a strong track record of launching the Hugin services to new markets.

About The Hugin Group The Hugin Group is Europe's leading provider of innovative solutions for connecting communication professionals with their target audiences. Hugin was founded in 1995, and in just a few years it has become one of Europe's leading distributors of unedited corporate information.

Hugin currently distributes press releases on behalf of over 1200 companies throughout 20 European countries and employs around 86 people in 9 countries - Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

Our core business is offering real-time quality information by providing communication professionals with the most innovative, straight through processing solution for the delivery of unedited facts to their target audiences. Through the merger with directnews in 2005, Hugin now offers tailored research and management of media data as well as press release distribution to targeted media world-wide.

Hugin offers investors and journalists real-time news through its Internet portal at http://www.huginonline.com/ and via free email subscription. Online portals, data vendors and newswires are provided real-time feeds to of all our news.

For more information go to http://www.hugingroup.com

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