Hitt og þetta 28. apríl 2006

TV4: First quarter 2006

* Net sales during January to March rose by 11 per cent to SEK 635 million (570 last year). Profit after net financial income/expense was SEK 46 million (-20). Earnings after tax were SEK 32 million (-14); earnings per share were SEK 1.61 (-0.70).

* First-quarter profit was the highest ever. TV4 has improved earnings seven quarters in a row.

* Our improved profitability is due to higher advertising revenues and improved earnings by the new channels TV4 Plus, TV4 Film and TV400.

* Audience figures were affected by SVT's broadcasts from the Winter Olympics. TV4 Plus now reaches no fewer than 68 per cent of all homes. TV4 Film and TV400 are also reaching more viewers. TV4 Fakta was launched in September last year and will soon reach one and a half million homes.

* The advertising market remains strong. TV4's channels improve their advertising revenues by six per cent in April.

* The EU Commission has presented a draft revised TV directive. Now that the analogue terrestrial network is being shut down, it is important that all TV channels are able to compete on equal terms as regards the permitted amount of advertising time, for instance, regardless of the country of transmission. TV4's main competitors are currently allowed to devote 15 per cent of airtime to commercials, compared with TV4's 10 per cent.

The full report including tables can be dowloaded from the following link: