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U.C.A. AG: Halfyear results as at 30th June, 2006 according to HGB

With sales revenue standing at Euro 0.86 million (prev. yr. Euro 0.63 million) for proportionate purchase costs of Euro 0.63 million (prev. yr. Euro 0.33 million), investment earnings stand at Euro 0.23 million (prev. yr. 0.3 million). This includes sale of Copernicus Beteiligungen AG as at 30.06.06. The financial result stands at Euro 52,000 (prev. yr. Euro 1.16 million) and includes both a net interest yield and required write-downs on marketable securities according to the HGB (German Commercial Code) lower of cost or market.

"Other earnings" include an overall negative balance from income and expenditure, and operating costs amounting to Euro 0.64 million. The result from normal business activity (before taxes) stands at ./. TEUR 355 as at 30.06.2006 (prev. yr. TEUR 1,038). The consolidated EBT figure of the U.C.A. Group (including DeTeBe) amounts to Euro ./. 0.25 million as at 30.06.2006, compared with Euro 0.22 Mio. as at 31.03.06.

However, only a restricted comparison with the corresponding quarter of the previous year is possible due to the consolidation of the equity and bond markets in the period under review and the limited exit opportunities.

After the sale of interest in Copernicus, the relevant investment portfolio contains a total of 12 companies, including four stock exchange listed ones as at 30.06.06. The DeTeBe continues to hold a majority interest in three profitable technology companies, e.g. 37% in the Plan Optik AG. One more investment could be made at short notice. The book value of the entire investment portfolio of U.C.A. in accordance with the Commercial Code stands at Euro 7.4 million as at 30.06.06 (including sale of Copernicus). Free liquidity as sign of U.C.A.'s own investment strength is still Euro 24.0 million.

U.C.A.'s targets until the end of the year are up to two IPOs. For the 2006 business year, the Board of Management is anticipating sales and investment earnings of up to Euro 6.0 million within the U.C.A. Group. The anticipated EBT figure for 2006 is still ¤ 3.9 million. The EpS (Earnings per Share) figure forecast for 2006 according to the DVFA (Society of Investment Professionals in Germany) is expected to amount to Euro 0.59.

U.C.A. Aktiengesellschaft The Management

Contact: Investor Relations Oliver Schulte Tel.: +49 (0) 89 - 9931 94 - 25 email: investor.relations@uca.de

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