Hitt og þetta 21. september 2006

Vacon's Capital Market Day 21 September 2006 - Vacon continues its strategy of profita

Vacon Plc is holding a Capital Market Day for investors, analysts and media representatives today 21 September 2006 starting at 11.00 am in Vaasa.

Vacon is continuing its strategy of profitable growth. Its goal is to grow at an annual rate of 15-20 per cent and to achieve an operating profit of more than 14 per cent of revenues by 2010. In addition, Vacon has set itself an annual target for return on equity of more than 30 per cent. It aims to meet these targets by strengthening the company's main businesses on all continents, improving the product offering and making it more customer-focused, and increasing investments in the customer interface.

In his presentation at the Capital Market Day, CEO Vesa Laisi reports on the product development unit established in China and on strategic sales investments aimed at major international customers.

"Vacon is clearly on a growth track. Globalization brings new challenges but the investments in product development and customer relations help us boost our competitiveness and raise our efficiency," states Vesa Laisi in his presentation.

The presentations at the event will focus mainly on the energy savings that can be obtained with AC drives, prospects for the AC drive market, Vacon's growth strategy, the company's operations in China, and special topics for the business. The speakers will be Vesa Laisi (CEO), Heikki Hiltunen (EVP), Jari Koskinen (Vice President, Production) Mika Leppänen (CFO) and Catarina Fant (Director, Brand Management and Communications). The Capital Market Day presentations will be available after 12 am on Vacon's Internet website at www.vacon.com under "Investors".

Vacon Group was founded in 1993 for one purpose only: to create, develop and provide AC drives worldwide. Our ambition is to meet the most demanding needs of customers looking for the ultimate in performance, ease of use and reliability. Vacon offers AC drives in the power range of 0.25 kW...5 MW. In 2005, the Group revenues totalled EUR 149.9 million.

Vacon Plc

Further information: Vesa Laisi, CEO, Vacon Plc, tel. +358 (0)40 8371 510 Mika Leppänen, CFO, Vacon Plc, tel. +358 (0)40 8371 235

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