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ZOOtech Sets New Standard for Authoring of DVDs With Launch of Templated Authoring System

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS and SHEFFIELD, UK -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 08, 2006 -- IBC2006 Exhibition Booth 8.320e -- ZOOtech (LSE: ZOO), the interactive DVD technology pioneer, revolutionizes the authoring of DVDs again with the launch of ZOOtech's Templated Authoring System DVD Edition at the IBC2006 Exhibition in stand 8.320e. Building on the success of the company's first market entry, DVD-EXTRA STUDIO, ZOOtech is making DVD authoring faster and more efficient with its Templated Authoring System DVD Edition -- enabling content producers to deliver products to market in a fraction of the time previously required.

"ZOOtech's products are unrivalled in speed and accuracy of authoring DVDs," said Stephane Aubert, VP Sales EMEA, ZOOtech, Ltd. "We have built a user interface that allows any member of the production team to enter data into forms based on project Templates. So with ZOOtech's Templated Authoring System DVD Edition, if you can fill in a form, you can author a DVD. Content producers can reduce projects that typically would take days or hours to just minutes with simple data entry. ZOOtech's Templated Authoring System DVD Edition effectively leverages automation technology to dramatically streamline the production process."

Changing the way DVD production is done has been the focus of ZOOtech's products since DVD-EXTRA STUDIO was introduced over two years ago and the results from Hollywood studios to interactive gaming companies worldwide are proving this approach is winning. Traditionally, the mechanics of conventional DVD production are very complex, requiring highly trained DVD authors to perform all of the authoring functions. However, much of the authoring for titles is routine, repetitive and well suited for automation. ZOOtech's Templated Authoring System DVD Edition capitalizes on the labor-intensive, expensive and lengthy steps in the development of DVD titles and automates those development functions according to the parameters of each project. At the heart of ZOOtech's Templated Authoring System DVD Edition is a form-based user interface that reduces templated authoring steps to data entry. Since the only things changing from project to project are the different assets, the Templated Authoring System DVD Edition provides as an easy-to-use tool for producers and any other professionals involved in the definition of DVD titles.

Templated Authoring System DVD Edition benefits:

-- The time taken to produce each title is significantly shortened, since the process is managed efficiently by ZOOtech's Templated Authoring System DVD Edition and many steps previously performed manually are automated.

-- The cost associated with the development of each title is significantly reduced by ZOOtech's Templated Authoring System DVD Edition, since labor costs attributed to authoring, QC and other steps are significantly reduced.

-- Titles are produced right-first-time with ZOOtech's Templated Authoring System DVD Edition since the majority of production is performed systematically without requiring human intervention.

-- Work performed by outside agencies and facilities is more reliable and adhere to client standards since the documentation used to drive the production process is created automatically and work output is verified for compliance by the system on delivery.

-- Multiple territory releases incorporating consistent features are produced without incurring the time and cost normally associated with such production since all territory editions are produced from a single project definition.

"ZOOtech's Templated Authoring System DVD Edition sets a new standard for the production of DVDs," said Aubert. "Our unique approach to providing DVD authoring tools, like our Templated Authoring System DVD Edition, will continue to clearly differentiate ZOOtech from the competition and establish new industry standards for development of DVDs for a variety of applications -- from movies to games." ZOOtech's Templated Authoring System DVD Edition is currently available for demonstration and shipment.

Useful Link: www.ibc.org

About ZOOtech

ZOOtech Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sheffield-based ZOO Digital Group plc. (LSE: ZOO). ZOOtech is an innovative technology company with a mission to revolutionize the video production industry through radical process re-engineering, enabling automation of many production processes that currently depend upon manual labor. ZOOtech's unique approach has resulted in a portfolio of over 60 patents across 23 families in areas that include video post-production, authoring, content protection, regionalization and verification. ZOOtech pioneered DVD-EXTRA technology to enable CD-ROM style interactivity in the DVD-Video format.

Today, DVD-EXTRA developers worldwide are shaping the future of interactivity by pushing the boundaries of DVD functionality. Non-traditional DVD-Video markets such as advertising, gaming, music, education, and corporate training have begun harnessing the power of DVD-EXTRA to exploit DVD as an interactive communication medium. Universal Pictures, Ascent Media, Comchoice, OUAT Entertainment, and Freestyle New Media Group are among the companies who have already delivered engaging DVD-EXTRA products.

Company Contact Europe ZOOtech +33 (6) 78 06 55 09 Stephane Aubert s.aubert@zoo-tech.com

Media Contacts North America NMC Partners +1 562 366 1552 Kathleen Buczko kbuczko@nmcpartners.com

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